Saturday 23 July, 2.011.

Music by Pierre Henry

Concert in Fundació Tapies

Organised by: Fundació Antoni Tàpies, with the collaboration of bcn 216 and Grec 2011 Festival of Barcelona.

Pierre Henry’s Variations pour une porte et un soupir (1963) has come to be regarded as the manifesto of “concrete music”. Created using recording equipment and Revox brand magnetic tape, it was put together using sounds from three different sources: the mouth, for emitting sighs (inhaled or exhaled); a series of doors that produce a wide variety of creaks; and aflexatone (small percussion instrument). The version that will be performed is called “for concert” and consists of 25 track


The Tools of Concrete Music

Imparted by Carlos Gómez
This talk aims to shed light – from a theoretical as well as practical perspective – on the linear editing methods used by Pierre Henry in composing his music pieces, which led to what we now know as “concrete music.” In the 1940s, Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry began working with magnetic tape recording and playback equipment. This was a truly revolutionary approach in the field of music at the time and as a result, tools that had previously only been employed in filmmaking or telecommunications were recognised as musical instruments.