Carlos Gómez
Carlos Gómez Caballero

He is a musician, teacher and sound engineer. Is a professional listener.

Meticulous, intuitive and attentive, his artwork is built around the idea of subtle change, changes small and meaningful. The sounds -each- one of them- charged, then a deliberate importance. All you hear count, all change. They have to care. Are heard and are also listeners.

Well as his students, who for more than two decades accompanied in their building projects and teaches acoustic, interactive designs, sound art and recording techniques.

A knowledge of the latest technologies applied to record, playback and sound processing, offering tremendous precision and rigor in their work will also allow one of the most prominent “performers” of contemporary music with electronic components today in Barcelona.

  • Elisava (Máster en diseño de interacción)
  • MECAD-ESDI (Máster en diseño interactivo)
  • UOC (Máster en diseño multimedia)
  • Universidad de Barcelona (Máster de arte sonoro)
  • IDAT ❘ Instituto de Diseño, Arte y Tecnología de Barcelona (Máster en Interacción Avanzada)
  • (Curso de Paisaje sonoro, Curso de sonido documental)
  • Coclea (Hidrófonos. Taller de microfonía, creación sonora y ecología acústica)
  • Universidad de los Andes, Colombia (Sonido e interacción)
  • IAAC (Máster en Interacción Avanzada)
Along recent years, Carlos Gomez has worked with artists such as: