The senses of machines (I / O / I) Interaction Laboratory, was an exhibition and research project I conducted with Núria Diaz, which was developed during the course 2010-12 in DHUB.

The exhibition of interactivity addressed from different levels represented on a scale ranging from very simple devices that demonstrate the power transmission and conversion gestures, signals and data, to more complex systems in which identical machines interact with each other and generate community behaviors.

All content of (I / O / I), both exposure and the various workshops, conferences or discussion points that were framed within its umbrella, intended to reflect on the effects we produce with the use of technology, different scenarios in which interactivity is present and the development of intelligent interfaces and their role in shaping the future.



AURAT – A fiction documentary work created specifically for the exhibition.



Less Than There – By Rafael Lozano Hemmer – Montreal, 2008