In the stillness all is silence. It’s what moves what sculpts sound in space.

This piece is a reflection on the systems used to spread the sound in space, it is not indifferent to use an interface or another. Therefore, the digital sound processing is only part of the process. The other, almost more important, is the device we use to project the movement of the performer on the interface and thus make these gestures in sound expression.

This device feeds fabricated for this piece, with its own sound, materials that are processed in real time via MaxMSP. The interest of this interface is that is not the interpreter’s movements which computer processing data means, but it is the sound of the object that supplies the software, taking dynamic variations to shoot different pre-recorded soundscapes on the hard disk. In the latest generation touch devices, the sound of fingers, because of the texture of the surface, is almost nil. At this interface, however, the touch is amplified, as it is moving over the surface, projected on the four speakers placed at the corners of the room. Also, it is an object, which adds a major ingredient and generates new visual sound contexts.

Thus, the set becomes an exercise in awareness of movement and sound sources, and the piece “Up or Down, depending if you’re coming or going” is a public test of an object designed to  distributed in space simultaneously your own sound and prerecorded soundscape.

sube o baja 1

Photograph: Concert in Arteleku (Donostia, 2011)