This piece is my response to the order made ​​by the Chilean collective “Laboratorio de Arte Sonoro” for the publication of a CD “Frágil Torrentoso“, based on their experience and fields reccording along Baker River Basin (XI region of Aysen , Chile ) .

My work was based on two basic questions : how to choose the material? How do you organize it? However, when I found the opportunity to work with some files recorded by Graciela and Cristian at Caleta Tortel , I didn’t think twice. Last year I myself had visited the place and accidental reasons , I had not been possible to record there , so I was left with some ” nostalgic ” of that sound recording .

For organice the materials , I decided to use the five soundscapes recorded there and not select or edit any fragment , and decided to put them to ring simultaneously. I did not want to start raising and lowering the volume of any part if it , rather, to design a system in which the dynamic changes of each of the samples will control the dynamics of another . Thus, the five soundscapes regulate its intensity between them , creating a sonic dependency system.

listen :